True Emotional Intelligence - 20170111

Terms used throughout this blog:

"be for a moment" - find a space in which you feel safe and can just be without distractions.

"see" - either see it physically or through your mind's eye (imagine, imagination carries intention and creativity)

Emotional Intelligence (EQ/EI) as a term is often bandied about by those who either do or do not understand its full potential. What does emotional intelligence really mean?

Context: It starts with understanding that the heart, the heart chakra specifically, is a central point regarding emotions and therefore emotional intelligence. For numerous reasons we close our heart chakra because we do not want to face or deal with emotional pain.

This is how the heart chakra works: The heart chakra needs to be open. I have found that none of the other chakras need to be open for the heart chakra to be able to operate. It does help that the other chakras are open as this allows full energy flow but the heart chakra is so powerful in its truth that operating on its own is enough as a starting point.

Try this: be for a moment...focus on your heart area..."see" your heart chakra...have a look at its current it big or or closed, etc. If your heart chakra is closed then place a bubble of protection around you...Ask your heart chakra to open to a size that is comfortable to you... How do you feel?

Bubble of protection

Heart Chakra

Emotional intelligence starts with the motivation to want to love / be compassionate / feel truth in your emotions / understand the world in its truth / understand other beings as they truly are etc. Our motivations guide us into setting the relevant and true intentions.

Try this: be for a moment...ask yourself what it is that you want to truly feel emotionally about any current situation (example: I have a bonsai that is not surviving well and I am becoming frustrated trying to help it survive to current motivation is perhaps not one of compassion or love for the bonsai but survival for the bonsai...reflect on how you will prefer to feel (example: I prefer to feel that the bonsai knows what it needs to survive and it can help me understand its need) knowing how you prefer to feel set a new motivation (example: I am motivated to understand what it is that my bonsai needs)...Once you have your true motivation set your intention as your intention is what the universe will experience (example: my intention is to "listen" to my bonsai and give my bonsai what it needs).

To truly connect with anything requires one's heart chakra to be open. Connecting with beings may be hard at first and if this is true for you then try connecting with something else like an animal (pet), plant, anything else in nature (stones, chrystals, grass, wind, you see the idea). Before you connect take note of how you feel: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This will give you a baseline so that when you connect with your chosen specimen you will "feel" whether anything has changed across any of the dimensions mentioned.

Try this: place your specimen in front of you (example: my bonsai)...ensure that your heart is open...connect to your specimen heart-to-heart...take the time to notice what you feel and how your specimen open to the experience...once you have completed your experience disconnect from the specimen and ensure that you give everything back to it that is its and take everything back from it that is yours.

An exchange of energy is a part of all connections and one must be careful not to take what is not ours to take and not to give what is ours to keep.

Try this process across multiple specimens and make a note of what you feel; baseline, during connection and after connection (once disconnected as mentioned above). Understanding how you feel when working with our heart chakra will provide you with much insight as to what you need to process to remain on your path of truth.

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