Building a vision board using nature - 2016-09-04

Building a vision board for the beautiful experiences that one has a desire to capture in the current journey on this bewildering planet is essential to survival and transcendency of one's spirit. Even better is building a vision board using nature elements, whether it be a pot plant arrangement of beautiful succulents, a garden arrangement, a beautiful visual display on the beach or a sand built 3D creation. Anything is possible when using nature and best of all is that one had to use one's intuition.

If this is a new concept to you as a vision board builder then the next few steps are a basic clue on what you may accomplish.

First, decide where it is in nature that you would like your creation to unfold and develop. Set an intention as to what you would like to experience. Allow for adequate time.

In the nature scene you have selected choose your objects that will make up your vision. It is often that you may need to build more than once because as you create you remember experiences that you want to include. Take your time. In certain nature spaces you can draw images and remember that wherever you are you can add photos and images.

Prepare a space in your nature setting of choice to create your vision. Protect your space from intruders and prying eyes. Animals and children may be allowed to move through your vision space as children bless your space with an inner child essence and animals bless your space with animal wisdom and animal essences.

Create your vision scene with as many nature and other elements as you want and as many times as you need in order to solidify your desired experiences.

At the end of your creation exercise you will have a complete vision board of what you desire. It is important to then speak about your desired experiences with the universe with the intention of allowing the experiences to unfold and flow without a subconscious desire to want to control the outcomes.

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