What weeds can teach us - 2016-09-03

"Weeds" as we call them are plants that manifest in our gardens to hold a type of dense energy. This energy is usually in the grey section of the grey scale.

Weeds spread rapidly in a garden area and have a tendency to be able to produce rapidly, grow with speed, are hardy, are thorny, have strong root systems and often spread in their growth dimension.

The human system, the sphere of dimensions, is a garden and the weeds are the dense energies that are held in it. When a dense energy exists in a system it has a tendency to "infect" other lighter areas by growing into these light areas and "chocking" them.

A good exercise for all beings is to complete a weeding exercise to identify the weeds in their lives and to become conscious of how these weeds are impacting their systems and how these impacts are not serving them.

As with the weeding of a garden the weeds need to be derooted completely, dried out and burned with the intention that the energies contained therein are transmuted into light energy, carrying a high vibration, and that the light energy is carried into the atmosphere with the intention to spread across an area and to spread the higher vibrations over that same area.

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